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Minigames servers offer extremely fun content for players of all ages to enjoy on a single network. Players start on these servers in a hub and then select the particular minigame they would like to play. Some minigames consist of building, pvping, mining, and more. The most wide known minigames are Bedwars, Skywars, Capture the Flag, Hide and Seek, and Aracde.

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Rank Name Server Players IP
992 πŸ’» Java

Clube da luta es un nuevo servidor de minecraft premiumy no premium contamos con las modalidades de: SMP, BoxPVP, Soccer y Anarquico 1.12.2 actualmente buscamos Staff tanto del discord como del server en juego. Proximamente para bedrock!!! Contamos con redes sociales y una tienda donde hay rangos to

993 πŸ’» Java

best of all we do not have ranks so everything is free ! we have workking hub aswell. our communty is friendly and we give a big welcome bonus to all new players ! we welcoma all players and we just want to have a fair game without pay to win, right here its play to win. so ill invite you all to pl

994 πŸ’» Java

Compass Craft is a Cross Platform Minecraft server that features: . A 1:1500 scale earth map featuring factions, Quests, Crates and more! . Creative plot world where players can build anything they wish! . Large PvP arena where players can upgrade their gear using materials from generators around th

995 πŸ’» Java

Nello discord server https://discord.gg/s3WDRVG5 join discord !! And play my server i create pls join and play for u frends on w

996 πŸ’» Java

If you like servers like Hypixel, Minplex or Cubecraft then you will love complexity. We have: Bedwars PvP Survival We are also working on skywars right now. Bedwars: Bedwars is great we have a total of 71 maps. PvP: Pvp is also great you can fight your friends to see who comes out on top Survival:

997 πŸ’» Java

Check out our store to buy ranks and keep the server running! Join the ConcreteMC server! ConcreteMC has 7 different minigames including Survival, Sky Wars, Spleef, Hunger Games, Build Battle, KitPVP, and Bed Wars with more coming soon! Connect with new friends and join our awesome and fun community

998 πŸ’» Java

Simple paintball server! Active community! Partnered with multiple content creators! A shop for perks and hats with in-game currency! (Non-p2w!) Multiple arenas with numerous maps! Even has 1v1s! Enjoy and experience you can find no where else and join our server now! We promise you will absolutely

999 πŸ’» Java

CookieSlap is a fun, friendly & simple PVP game-mode that consists of hitting players off one of the 130+ community built maps with a knockback level 25 enchanted cookie. Each round lasts 4 minutes, and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins. There are 3 different type

1000 πŸ’» Java

SURVIVAL β˜… SKYBLOCK β˜… PRISON β˜… KITPVP β˜… PARKOUR β˜… MOBARENA Cookies Lounge Network is a Medieval themed Minecraft server featuring popular game modes such as Prison, Skyblock, Survival and Parkour! Explore the network and conquer the world! SURVIVAL β˜… SKYBLOCK β˜… PRISON β˜… KITPVP β˜… PARKOUR β˜… MOBARENA S

1001 πŸ’» Java

Welcome to Copper Valley MC, a small, adult-only survival server focused on providing a chill, stress-free experience after a long day of class or work. There are a couple plugins that alter game-play in a fun and fresh way. Mobs are leveled, so as you venture further from spawn, the more health and


Minecraft Minigames Servers

What is a Minecraft minigames server you may ask? A minigames server is a Minecraft server that has multiple sub game modes in the server. Most Minecraft servers will have upwards of 10-15 minigames. Some of the most popular minigames are capture the flag, hunger games, and murder mystery.


How do I play Minigames Minecraft Servers

To play Minigame Minecraft Servers all you need to do is load up Minecraft. The next step is to find a minecraft minigame server from our list above. After you have found a server that you believe you will enjoy just copy the IP address into the Minecraft launcher and you are all set and ready to play!


Choosing the Best Minecraft minigames servers

Choosing the best minecraft minigame servers is normally an annoying task for Minecraft players which is why we made this website. Here at best minecraft servers we made a list of the best minigame servers all in one spot so that all you have to do is copy the IP address into your minecraft launcher and start having fun. All minecraft servers are manually checked before they are listed on our website to make sure that they meet our quality standards. Along with this, every 15 minutes our system checks if the minecraft servers are still online so that you do not join any offline servers.