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Minecraft PvE Servers

PvE servers have PVP disabled which makes it so that players cannot fight with each other and can only fight off the environment. Players must fight off mobs with the resources they've gathered in the wilderness.

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Vanilla Realms

Craft, build, survive, vanilla. A fresh and simple semi-vanilla survival experience with teleportation, grief prevention, trading, and shops! Come meet our community, and start your adventure!

38/200 online

2builders2tools is a minecraft server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP, a neverending world and no rules. The IP is It has been on the same world since december 2010. The world is 962 GB with 77,094 players saved, and 58 months old. Good luck

1064/1 online

SS Atomic is a survival server looking for staff. Some features include mcmmo, quests, and more RPG features. Join our discord!

999/1000 online

We're running Pixelmon Reforged v8.1.2 Use our Technic Modpack to join us: If you're having any issues, hop into our Discord for assistance:

769/2000 online

* Aquatic 1.13.2 Survival * Aquatic 1.13.2 Skyblock * Daily Updates * Daily events with YouTubers! Even LoverFella himself!

746/2500 online

Pixelmon Modpack: Pixelmon Realms Pixelmon Reforged Minecraft 1.12.2 Server Features 5x Pokemon Spawn rates Player Gym Leaders Ev Training Level 15 Shiny Starters Daily Vote Rewards Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate Grief Preventon Amazingly Stabl

502/999 online

OpBlocks is a unique prison minecraft server in 2021! We have been online since 2015 and have an incredible ownership team that has been running servers since 2011. The opblocks network currently offers Prison, skyblock, and more!

255/1000 online

In this Minecraft rendition of AMC's The Walking Dead fight off walkers with guns and melees, and team up with other players. Choose from over 30 unique kits and enter our brand new 5,000 by 5,000 map. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Come join today! We support all game versions (1.8+)

238/1000 online

The best network for the most popular game modes. Established in 2012!

230/2500 online

Reforged 7.0.5 | Shiny Starters | Custom UI's | Play2Win | x3 LEGENDARY SPAWNS | x3 SHINY SPAWNS | Poke Voyage is a server providing the popular pixelmon reforged gamemode, full of expansive and custom features to expand on the classic minecraft experience. At Poke Voyage we strive to bring the bes

179/1000 online

SurviveWithUs, currently established several months in, has many goals in mind to provide players with a unique, genuine, and custom-tailored survival experience. Our approach of keeping every single plugin proprietary and custom-made, alongside having an active and engaging community bonding togeth

178/179 online

Minewind is a next generation survival server designed to handle unlimited amount of players while having no server-side lag. Play survival Minecraft or partake in minigames and discover the art of spellcraft. There are no admins, mods or helpers in-game. All perks and items can be obtained free

155/-1 online

----------------------------------------------------MC RTX----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A better Vanilla Server | Survival------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

122/1000 online

The Seed was created with one thing in mind - Minecraft. For the players that are looking for a server that has countless custom-coded features, The Seed isn't for you. While we do have custom features, our goal is to keep The Seed simple and community-based for those that just want to play Minecraf

112/200 online

MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server always running the latest version. Our primary focus is providing a high quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our unique content. - Towns | Create your own Town and Nation - Jobs | Earn money from playing -

102/200 online

Join friendly players who enjoy survival Minecraft without pvp, grief or trolls. Server Reset New Season 9 map for 1.16.4 reset on Dec 18, 2020 - Grief protected claims and chat filter keeps it nice and clean - Friendly staff always available to help or ban toxic trolls - 6 survival servers with sh

91/330 online

MCFarm is a unique farming economy server. We have spent countless hours and dollars in development creating never seen before features for you to enjoy.

83/2000 online

Minecraft survival with an extended endgame and focus on PVP whilst preserving the vanilla feel. - There are no online mods/staff/helpers. - Griefing is allowed. - There are basically no rules except do not hack or exploit. Plugins installed on server: Custom plugins

69/-1 online
18 Limitless Pixelmon

Welcome to the world of Limitless Minecraft! We are a Survival-Pixelmon server dedicated to bringing the best of both pixelmon and minecraft together. We have a mature, friendly, and active community, weekly Events and Tournaments, challenging Gyms, and Badges to track your progress, and our Staff

68/100 online

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Simple Anarchy is a dupe enabled server, it's not too destroyed so you can enter and mark your story, we are waiting for you at simpleanarchy.

64/2021 online

Altitude is the best survival community for 1.16.2! Grab some friends, or make some new ones, and enjoy an awesome survival experience! Welcome to our tight-knit community! We host four survival servers synced together so that you can switch between them and take your inventory, McMMO levels, MyPet

60/1000 online

Minecraft PvE Servers


What is a Minecraft PvE server?

The Minecraft PvE server might look technical if you dont know what it means. PvE is an online gaming jargon. The PvE server simply means Player Versus Environment server.

The Minecraft PvE server hosts single-player game settings for various role-playing video and survival games. Player versus Environment refers to the gamer fighting or battling computer-programmed-or-controlled opponents.

This Minecraft server is unlike the PvP server. The Player versus Player settings are disabled on this server, meaning players cant battle each other. They can only battle the enemies the game provides.

The Best Minecraft PvE Servers and What they Offer

1. InsanityCraft

InsanityCraft is one of the best PvE Minecraft servers out there. It includes classic survival, skyblock, and vanilla games. In addition, the Minecraft server offers frequent and interesting events for gamers. On the plus side, this server offers a lot of ways for its gaming community to win cash prizes.

2. McFarm

This PvE server is a farming economy server. It contains several exciting features that took a lot of time and effort to develop. Its features include: 3D Blackjack games, 3D slot machines, farming economy, KoTHs and outposts, events, special custom enchants, and dynamic economy.

3. Spectrum Nation

Spectrum Nation is a PvE server that is largely community-driven. The PvE server offers a broad assortment of interesting and custom features that the technical team regularly updates and enhances to give gamers a memorable experience.

4. SurviveWithUs

This PvE server offers its gaming community access to random teleportation, an inventory ruleset, a live reporting system, a chunk-based playtime, an economy thats run by the gamers, integrating easy-to-use graphical user interface shopping outlets.

5. Pixelman Realms Minecraft Service

This PvE server offers its gamers the following features: player gym leaders, 5x Pokemon spawn rates, level 15 shiny starters, daily vote rewards, EV training, grief prevention, an unbelievably stable economy, wondertrade, and very accommodating staff.

6. AppleCraft

AppleCraft is a PvE survival server. It offers its gamers ranks and extras or sethomoes to vote, no allowances for grief, configurable gamer shops, and hospitable staff.


How to Join a Minecraft PvE Server?

●    First things first, you need Minecraft installed on your laptop or desktop.

●    Next, you load the Minecraft multiplayer and tap "add server".

●    Select the Minecraft PvE server, click "add server".

●    Input the IP address of your preferred Minecraft server.


If you wish to change the Minecraft server, you can go back to the server list and select any Minecraft servers you want to. Then just like in the first step, you input the server IP address to connect to it.

If you dont see the Minecraft server of your choice, look for Minecraft servers via Google and pick another server list.



The PvE servers listed above are just a few of the PvE servers listed on Minecraft. There are many other exciting servers. One thing they all have in common is they all offer their gaming communities exciting features and are pretty easy to join.