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Earth servers are a gamemode where players come together to play on a server that replicates Earth through blocks. Earth servers typically have the towny plugin installed to allow players to own and trade land.

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Rank Name Server Players IP
432 💻 Java

EPIRATE A towny war server set in the medieval era WARS - Make your own Empire, form alliances, fight for resources, and invade other nations in a 1:250 map of Europe! SHIPS - fully working movecraft plugin which allows you to make your very own block by block built warships! (With functioni

433 💻 Java

What is EthereaMC? What do we have to offer? - Towny with cultures & resources - Gold based economy (nuggets, ingots & blocks) - 8 races to choose from that give bonus effects and negative effects - AureliumSkills (like mcmmo, but a lot cooler!) - ExcellentEnchants (50+ vanilla-like enchants ex

434 💻 Java

Do you want to part of an modded earth smp? here you can become one of the most influential people in the server Diplomacy Fighting and Conquering the world! Play with tanks guns and war ships! With many players you will surely enjoy talking to all. we provide many good mods such as create and block

435 💻 Java

Earth smp with modern warfare technology! Ships Jets Tanks and guns. Build up your country with materials and fight bosses using many new weapons. Custom made trailer with amazing moderators and many fun times! beautiful landscapes and many places to explore. an endless world of possibilities and it

(Coming Out Soon)
436 💻 Java

Chào mừng đến với EvolMC, máy chủ đã chính thức khai trương vào ngày 30/12/2023. Phiên bản: 1.18.x - 1.20.x (Khuyên dùng 1.18.2) Các tính năng thú vị như: - KOTH - Bang Hội - EventPass - Vé số - Tài xỉu - Farmmobs - Dungeon Event diễn ra các buổi tối trong ngày và nhận xu miễn phí cho ngườ

437 💻 Java

Certainly! Here's a description for your Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer) named "Evolution SMP": "Welcome to Evolution SMP, a dynamic Minecraft survival experience where players embark on a journey through time and progress, evolving from humble beginnings to grand civilizations. Explore, bui

438 💻 Java

Are you looking for a Minecraft: Java Edition SMP that supports both offline(cracked) & online(premium) users? Do you want a near vanilla experience with the exception of a few Quality of Life features? Well, this is the perfect SMP for you! Welcome to the ExclusiveSMP! We are a 1.19 MC JAVA

439 💻 Java

ExorEarth stands as a unique and immersive GeoPol Server, offering an unparalleled experience with its captivating Earth Map. Dive into a world where geopolitics come to life on a digital canvas, allowing players to engage in strategic maneuvers and diplomatic endeavors on a global scale. The server

440 💻 Java

FablesMC is survival mixed with fantasy and a faction like clan system We have custom terrain generation, economy, custom mobs and many more! Our main language is English but we also have as second language Dutch What do we offer? |Awesome Fantasy Based Survival with some mixes |English &

441 💻 Java

FadedCloud is a survival, lifesteal, bedwars, survival, earth, and MUCH more server! This server is highly professional and fun, with a large staff team (And applications!) The server consists of: Lifesteal Bedwars Deathrun Bridgewars KitPVP Survival Lifesteal Earth Prison And possibly m