Minecraft Prison Servers

Prison servers don't have a normal minecraft world, but instead, spawn all new players inside of a prison-themed map. Players start out with no resources and at the bottom of the prison and must obtain money by mining, fighting, and more so that they can rankup and become stronger.

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Rank Name Server Players IP

Complex Gaming


Complex Gaming [1.18] - We offer a wide range of gamemodes including, ★ Skyblock ★ Factions ★ Survival ★ Pixelmon ★ Prison ★ Creative ★ and MUCH MORE. Join today to experience your #1 Minecraft Server experience, with a friendly and welcoming community for all ★ EVENTS ★ ZERO LAG ★ DEDICATED STAFF ★


Vortex Network


[1.18.2] Vortex Network is a space-themed Minecraft server featuring popular game modes such as Prison, Skyblock, Survival and Pixelmon! Explore the galaxy and conquer the universe! IP: ms.vortexnetwork.net Discord: https://discord.gg/mc Store: https://buy.vortexnetwork.net [Java+Bedrock Supported!]


OPBlocks Network


[1.18.2] OPBlocks is a premium Survival SMP, Prison, and Skyblock server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you! BEDROCK SUPPORTED! JAVA IP: mc.opblocks.com BEDROCK IP: bedrock.opblocks.com:19132 Check out our amazing Discord community at http



Lure Network! JUST RELEASED SEASON 10! Lure Network is a new OP prison server with a lot of features, with one of the best ones being the ability to join using any version between 1.8-1.16! Go trough all the mines, rankup and prestige, max out your pickaxe, compete to be number 1! For any questions

45 UltimatePrison


Welcome to UltimatePrison A new Prison Experience! Join now and play together with your parents and friends! A new Rankup and Prestige system, new Enchants, Gems Shop, BlackMarket and lot lot more! Remember to vote everyday. IP: mc.ultimateprison.net Store: store.ultimateprison.net Site: www.ultimat



Number 1 OP Prison server with tons of unique features: plots, gangs, drugs, explosive items, cheapest donor ranks, custom mines, and the ultimate experience! We have rankups from A-Z as well as 26 custom built amazing mines to fit them! All players can have their own plots and gangs! What are you w

47 Minebattle


Minebattle is a relatively new Minecraft server, we currently offer Skyblock, Survival and Prison. We are working hard every day to make sure our community is one of the best! Minebattle is a relatively new Minecraft server, we currently offer Skyblock, Survival and Prison. We are working hard every



Welcome to Complex Gaming! We offer a variety of gamemodes including, [Skyblock] [Factions] [Survival] [Pixelmon] [Prison] [Creative] and so MUCH MORE+. Join today to experience your #1 Minecraft Server experience. If you need support or assistance joining feel free to contact us on discord @ Discor

49 TinkCraft


¿Buscas un servidor donde puedas divertirte y la comunidad sea linda? Te invitamos a TinkCraft! Contamos con las siguientes modalidades: Survival Vanilla | 1.9 - 1.16.5 • ¡Contamos con muchos plugins que no afectan la esencia del vanilla y ayudan a que sea un survival mas divertido! Prison | 1.8 - 1

50 IvyNetwork


Welcome to the IvyNetwork  IvyNetwork is a cracked Minecraft network with a variety of different games to play including Factions, Kit-PvP, Skyblock and many more. We have a huge amount of content to ensure there is always something to explore. clipboard | Information ▸ IP: play.ivynetworkmc.net ▸ W



→ 1.8 - 1.18 Support → Prison (JUST RESET) → Weekly PayPal Rewards → Weekly Events → Daily Rewards → Custom Enchantments → PvP Events → Top Prizes → Crates → Unique Features → Balanced Economy → Skyblock (JUST RESET) → Weekly PayPal Rewards → Weekly Events → Daily Rewards → Custom Enchantments → PvP

52 VainPvP


VainPvP is a competetive minecraft server that currently has skyblock, there is island top payouts. We wish to grow and increase our playerbase while we also improve our network to fit our playerbase the best! We wish you the best time on our server, all our information can be found on our discord!



Now what is Celestial Prison? Celestial Prison is a unique server that could optimize your Minecraft experience. Within Celestial Prison you will find things such as Auto Miner, Gangs with Prison Cells, Over 20+ Custom enchants, Key Lockers and more! When spawning in you will be welcomed with a beau



BreakingMC is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all. Features: - Factions - Prison - Skyblock - Survival - Constant Updates IP: play.breakingmc.net Website. www.breakingmc.net Supports

55 PrisonCraft


PrisonCraft is a Prison server, which offers amazing custom features! We got lots of different mines, prestiges, rebirths, custom enchants, active staff and much more! 24/7 // Cells // Shops // Active and friendly community // Discord // We hear you asking yourself from which version am I able to jo

56 ManifestMC


ManifestMC Prisons, SkyBlock and factions Welcome to ManifestMC! ManifestMC is a OpPrison, OpSkyblock AND OpFactions server where we have many unique features Features (Full list coming soon) Booster / Invite rewards Social links Discord: https://discord.gg/rkK8abby IP: play.manifestmc.net Store: St



VanityMC is a Java Edition Minecraft Server full of your favorite game modes! Such as Skyblock, Prison, Factions, Survival, and more! Come make friends and play with thousands of players on ANY version of Minecraft! Play with custom textures, tons of custom features, and endless fun.



ZenPvP is a brand new Network that released in April of 2021. We provide a genuine and one of the Ultimate Minecraft experiences. We offer Skyblock, Factions and OP Prison game modes. We have many custom features that make us unique, so come check them out! We strive everyday to make one of the best



Skyfactory (Slimefun), Survival (Slimefun), Creative, Kingdoms and Prison offering a mod-less experience. ⮞ Bedrock + Java Compatible! ⮞ IP: play.voidrealms.net ⮞ Java Port: 25565 ⮞ Bedrock Port: 19132 ⮞ Website: https://voidrealms.net/ ⮞ Discord: https://discord.gg/voidrealms Join us now to play to

60 LGL Network


The LGL Network is one of the newest Minecraft Networks to be published. We have multiple gamemodes such as OP prison which consist of Pmines, OP Enchantments, Robots, AutoMiners and much more. We also have a Semi-vanilla Survival server which consists of land claiming, crates, Shops, the ablility t



Server offline mode, premium and no premium 1.7.x to 1.16.2 Survival OP Prison OP (Good) Prison Ultra One block 1.16.2 Creative 1.16.2



MCREBORN IS A MINECRAFT SERVER WITH SEVERAL GAMEMODES AND 100's of Features to make you never get bored We have survival, prison, factions and kitpvp Exclusive ranks with good features and everything you need. Custom plugins and features to make your player experience good. Join now at mcreborn.net



ZenPvP is a brand new Network that released in April of 2021. We provide a genuine and one of the Ultimate Minecraft experiences. We offer Skyblock, Factions and OP Prison game modes. We have many custom features that make us unique, so come check them out! IP: play.zenpvp.org DISCORD: discord.zenp


Minecraft Prison Servers

What is a Minecraft Prison server you may be wondering? A prison server is a specific type of Minecraft server which is why you are on this website, to find a prison server to play on! Each server can vary quite a lot since Minecraft servers are privately owned, meaning every server has control of what is a part of the server. Some have op prison while others have regular prison. Along with this, some of the best prison has giveaways and crate keys which can be a fun feature for people that play on the prison server.

How do I play Prison Minecraft Servers

The process to play a minecraft prison server is extremely simple! The first step is to load up Minecraft. After you have loaded up Minecraft you will need to select Multiplayer and then click add server! That is it you are all set to play on prison servers. Even if you are looking to play an op prison server the process is the same so do not worry about anything being too complicated.


Minecraft op prison server?

An op prison server is a specific type of prison server that contains nonvanilla minecraft enchantments. For example, op servers have pickaxes that have enchantments like efficiency 100 or even fortune 1000! These types of servers tend to be the best prison. However, even these types of prison servers can vary, some minecraft prison servers have a mix between op and nonop which gives a unique twist to the minecraft server.