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Earth servers are a gamemode where players come together to play on a server that replicates Earth through blocks. Earth servers typically have the towny plugin installed to allow players to own and trade land.

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402 💻 Java

Hi we are a Earth SMP Server / Towny, you can make Towns and Nations, We have epic Plugins like vehicles, 3D crafting, Timber, and more come play and Enjoy we are friendly and kind make some Friends and take over the world, We are also taking more staff to apply on are Discord server and Dm the owne

403 💻 Java

This is a life-steal SMP server with many more game modes in the future. although this server does have rules such as no hacking and no griefing for no reason or making the server un-fun. If you decide to join this Minecraft server, try not to troll and join the discord for a better experience. Have

404 💻 Java

save fill for the deaf community

405 💻 Java

save fill for the deaf community

406 💻 Java

‘Diplomatas’ is a geopolitical Minecraft server with the Earth’s map. Here you build the greatest empires and make the strongest alliances of all time. Create your history with us now! Build a corporate powerhouse in one corner of the world or establish a united empire in the other. In ‘Diplomatas’

407 💻 Java

Minecraft: Divided Territory, is a modded Minecraft server on 1.12.2 that is based around Geopolitics, Space exploration, Industrialization, and Militarization. There is something for everyone on this server. We use a 1:2000 Earth map, as well as a dynmap. We use a modpack custom made by me, the own

408 💻 Java

DogMC is a server that has an earth map. You can play survival on it right now. Join us on discord - dc.dogmc.eu! You can now see the map and join the server. IP: dogmc.eu We have extras such as economy that drop from mobs, blocks and bosses. We also have a system of cities and nations. The city cos

409 💻 Java

Hello and welcome to my description about our server! Me and my friends started up a community and looking for some players to join us and play with us. The server is of type survival game. Plugins we have in this moment on the server: - Jobs Systems ( Take your job and go to make money) - Dragon Sl

410 💻 Java

Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers with vanilla gameplay? Do you crave a unique and exciting experience that goes beyond the norm? Look no further than DupefetherSMP! Our server provides a one-of-a-kind dupe experience that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. At D

411 💻 Java

Emperio Towny Hemen şimdi Kendi Krallığını kur --------------------------------------------------------- Kafa Düşme, Ölüm Sandığı Gerçek Dünya haritası [İstediğin Yeri Gidip Alabilirsin http://map.emperio.xyz:8080/] Meteor Düşüşü Pinyata Etkinliği Ve bunun gibi Daha Fazlası Emperio Towny de --------