Minecraft Parkour Servers

Parkour servers are a type of server where users will complete obstacles by running, jumping, sprinting, walking, and climbing till they reach the next checkpoint. Each parkour course has a different unique theme and has a set difficulty that can range from easy, medium, or hard. Parkour servers usually time players to see how long it takes until you reach the next checkpoint.

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Rank Name Server Players IP

Complex Gaming


Complex Gaming [1.19] - We offer a wide range of gamemodes including, ★ Skyblock ★ Factions ★ Survival ★ Pixelmon ★ Prison ★ Creative ★ and MUCH MORE. Join today to experience your #1 Minecraft Server experience, with a friendly and welcoming community for all ★ EVENTS ★ ZERO LAG ★ DEDICATED STAFF ★


OPBlocks Network


[Version 1.19] OPBlocks is a high-quality Minecraft Prison, Survival SMP, Skyblock, and Pixelmon server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you! BEDROCK SUPPORTED! JAVA IP: mc.opblocks.com BEDROCK IP: bedrock.opblocks.com:19132 1.8 to 1.19 are


Vortex Network


[1.19] Vortex Network is a space-themed Minecraft server featuring popular game modes such as Prison, Skyblock, Survival and Pixelmon! Explore the galaxy and conquer the universe! IP: ms.vortexnetwork.net Discord: https://discord.gg/mc Store: https://buy.vortexnetwork.net [Java + Bedrock Supported!]


Blaze Gaming


Blaze Gaming [1.19.2] ▶ Pixelmon Reforged [8.4.2] ▶ Greek Skyblock [1.18.2] ▶ Survival Jurassic [1.19.2] ▶ We are a long running Minecraft network with a variety of game modes (listed above) to offer. We pride ourselves around being community based and having ★ Friendly Staff ★ No Lag ★ Events ★


Cherry Survival


[Just Released] [1.19 Survival] [Multiplayer SMP] Cherry Survival is the perfect survival server to meet new friends, create your own warps, relax, and hang out! If you are looking for a server to simply play some classic survival on, we are a great choice for you! Our server has a very friendly com




Welcome to 🌸 BlossomCraft 🌸, an excellent server known for it’s amazing experiences. We are a laid-back, no grief, economy, SMP server where we value community above all else. The server is running 1.19, and everyone is welcome as both Java and Bedrock players are free to join! The server offers a v




The ZedarMC community is a very friendly one, and our staff is always available to help you. We are also a crossplay network, which means we support Bedrock Edition. ZedarMC has a variety of gamemodes ranging from peaceful to competitive, so you can always have fun and vibe! Survival SMP 1.13 - 1.19



ManaCube [1.8 + 1.19] is one of the largest and longest running Minecraft networks with feature-unique games: Survival SMP ★ Skyblock MMO ★ Parkour ★ Olympus Prison ★ Earth Towny ★ KitPvP ★ Factions ★ Anarchy ★ Creative ★ Islands - IP: join.manacube.com We have daily events, updates, tournaments, an

69 bedwars



70 Purple Ore MC


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71 Valued SMP RP


This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a Private SMP Server.This is a



CubeCraft Games is one of the largest server networks in the world. We always strive to make the best games and bring the most fun to everyone. Our servers run 24/7 and have the capability to hold many thousands of players simultaneously. You can join our network on 1.12.2-1.19+. We have amazing sup



We're running Pixelmon Reforged v8.1.2 Use our Technic Modpack to join us: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmod-modpack.595344 If you're having any issues, hop into our Discord for assistance: https://discord.pokesaga.org/



ANNICRAFT NETWORK [1.8.x - 1.18.x] ✪ ANNIHILATION BETA! CHECK IT OUT! ✪ At this moment we offer the following game modes: - Annihilation - KitPvP - Practice - SkyBlock ⇒ Start an adventure by creating an island alone or with your friends! Custom ENCHANTMENTS, Shards Shop, PVP Areana, Daily Envoys, M



Welcome to the public #1 BOXPVP server. You can join our boxpvp server on bedrock java and tlauncher, It is the most active boxpvp server there is! With daily updates we will make sure you always have something new to play for! GAMEMODES: - Boxpvp - Kitpvp - Duels - Botfights - FFA & more IP



PLAY.FOXCRAFT.NET [1.8 - 1.17.1] Oneblock - Kingdoms - Survival - Creative - Prison - Kitpvp

77 gamster


What is the server IP for Gamster - Gaming is not a crime!? The server IP address for Gamster - Gaming is not a crime! is mc.gamster.org. In order to find the server IP please use the information provided on the left side of this page. How do I play on the Gamster - Gaming is not a crime! Minecraft



"MinePups is a cryptocurrency Minecraft network and gaming community. This crypto-based server has unique features like bitcoin mining, a 24/7 drop party, monthly crates, and even a Shibcoin and Dogecoin shop. If you're looking for a fun Skyblock or Survival experience like none other, look no



Social Metaverse playable on Minecraft — Make new friends, play fun games, and collect thousands of cosmetics on the blockchain! With our amazing Team and creating a new Minecraft Experience with the use of Models, Art and resourcepacks you won't be disppointed with what you see on Mineclub! play.mi

80 1.16.5


Arkeolojik bulgular ışığında Sümer yazı sistemi "bilinen" en eski yazı sistemidir.[1] Sümer rahipleri yazıyı, tapınak ve depolarda bulunan malları kaydetmek amacı ile kullanmışlardı. Bu kayıtları tutarken bu işlemleri gerçekleştirenlerin isimlerini belirtme sorunu doğmuştu. Bunun üzerine k



Welcome to RaptorMC - Economy Survival! We are an eco survival server that allows you to work in jobs and rankup through the ranks and then be able to rent our markets and shops to sell/buy with other players. You can then get into creating businesses, realestate, trading stocks, and much more. You

82 Beuteugeu


Servidor de Minecraft Brasileiro - Beuteugeu Server - PC e Celular | IP: mc.beuteugeu.com Nosso Site: https://www.beuteugeu.com/ Venha jogar minecraft no modo sobrevivência com vários outros jogadores! Sobreviva, desafie amigos, faça épicas construções; participe de eventos, competições, guerras de



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84 Proyecto Banano


Servidor survival modificado VANILLA (1.17 - 1.18.1) IP: mc.proyectobanano.com â—‹ +100 biomas NUEVOS Y REALISTAS y +200 estructuras â—‹ +40 bosses nuevos! â—‹ +230 mobs nuevos! â—‹ +200 crafteos especiales! â—‹ +300 items y bloques nuevos! â—‹ +30 mascotas personalizadas! â—‹ + 400 encantamientos n



GorilloCraft is a 1.19 Minecraft Network with a friendly, welcoming, and ever growing community. GorilloCraft is owned by Minecraft content creator, Gorillo, with a following of more than 2 million across social media platforms. Our network currently consists of creative, survival, and hub parkour.



Newly launched network featuring ManHunt and Survival Prison Hybrid SMP! Public and Private /Party modes for manhunting! 1.8 - 1.19+ Java, with crossplay support - Bedrock.TumbleweedMC.com - Survival (Prison Hybrid) - Manhunt (YouTube) - SlimeFun Survival - Kitpvp (with guns) - MCWildWest - Skyblock



Java IP: CloutCraft.US Bedrock IP: CloutCraft.US 19132 MC Version: 1.18x CloutCraft, the Ultimate Hangout SMP server for you and your friends! Welcome to CloutCraft, an awesome Survival experience well known for its welcoming community, fun events and features! We are a hangout based SMP server with


Minecraft Parkour Servers

You may be asking yourself what is a parkour server? Parkour servers are a specific type of Minecraft server which is popular and played by all sorts of players around the world. Minecraft parkour is similar to doing parkour IRL however you jump from block to block on Minecraft and try and reach checkpoints. Minecraft parkour servers help players meet new friends that share a common interest, Minecraft parkour. Some of these parkour servers have features such as trails, pets, and more to help enhance the gameplay and make it more enjoyable for the players. If you are looking to play parkour servers just use our website and click copy and you are ready to play!


How do I play servers minecraft parkour

In order to play Minecraft parkour servers you must first launch Minecraft. Next click multiplayer, click add server, and then boom you are all set to start parkour! Since you are playing on parkour servers it might be helpful to install a stopwatch to help you beat your previous time records! Some Minecraft servers will have a stopwatch plugin on the server though so it is important to check in-game and ask the community for help.


How do I pick the Best Minecraft Parkour Servers?

Choosing the best Minecraft parkour server can be very difficult since it really depends on what you are looking for when it comes to a Minecraft server. One of these most important elements to a good Minecraft server is an active community, a stopwatch system to track your time, and multiple levels to make sure you do not get bored. Here at Best Minecraft servers we manually audit each server that is listed on our Minecraft server list. In other words to put it simply, just scroll down our list of Minecraft parkour servers and all of them should have all of the key features that make the best Minecraft servers.