Minecraft Skywars Servers

Skywars is a popular minigame where players start on a floating island not attached to anything and must bridge to other islands to survive. On most servers chests are located on the starting island where players can find food, blocks, swords, bows, and more to help them battle other players.

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Rank Name Server Players IP
101 Red_X_Gamerz World



102 S3yMC


✪ S3ymc.ml ✪ NEW GAMEMODES like : Oneblock, Jump and run, Skyblock (new quests), Skywars and Bedwars! ✪ [Searching for staff builders/advertisers/staff/helpers/coders with paypal or paysafe payouts] ✪ friendly staff ✪ ✪ Discord : https://discord.gg/UXKzHSQn2R ✪ JOIN NOW!! ✪ Votes and realworld payou



#1 Arising Minecraft Server! Join now for so much fun! Welcome to Schway Hub! Schway Hub is a Minecraft server currently featuring the best of Annihilation and PracticePVP! More Servers and games will be coming out in the near future! If this sounds ultra interesting to you, join right now! Join



Join Discord Or You Cant Join Server Discord : https://dsc.gg/xsosfams A Server Which Supports All Editions Of Minecraft | You Can Join With Java, Pocket And Bedrock Edition | Cracked Server | Survival SMP | Bedwars | Skywars | Duals | Oneblock | Skyblock | KitPvP | The Bridge And Much More... Java

105 SkyCity.serv.gs Skyblock und Skypvp 1.12


Herzlich Willkommen auf SkyCity! Hier erwartet dich ein Purer SkyBlock server, mit PvP! Erledige immer Neue Quests und erhalte somit Season Bezogene Belohnungen! erstelle Deinen eigenen ChestShop und baue dir dein eigenes reich auf! Spiele alleine oder mit Freunden auf deiner eigenen Persönlichen In



Sky Wars VERSION 1.14.2! New Modes..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

107 SkyServer

SkyServer [1.8-1.18.1] This server runs SkyBlock and SkyWars with all the latest features! The server economy has been kept strict to keep a fresh gameplay in Skyblock. Please send any reccomendations or bugs to my Email or Discord in the contact infomation below. Extra Features Lockable Chests Ches

108 SkyWars


Best SkyWars server by Felix. Two Best Maps. Beautiful Spawn. Update every day. Many Kits. Server is in alpha version now. many Updates will be soon. New Map every day. Shop with Boosters. Beautiful waiting lobby. Good admins and moderators. Wins, kills, deaths, loses and points scoreboard. Call you



Want a calm peaceful server to play with friends in? Want a server with custom Skywars & Bedwars? Hate p2w servers, we are 100% NOT p2w! Want a server were you can know the owner(s)? Wanting a 1.17 Bedwars & Skywars Server? Skycraft offers all of that & more! Skycraft, the Mi

110 Skypixels


Hola, los invito a unirse a este nuevo proyecto, un servidor de Minecraft Java/Berdrock el cual cuenta con Survival (Protecciones, parcelas,zona de mineria, shop, trabajos, etc) y Skywar (Mapas y kits unicos del servidor), pronto se añadiran nuevas cosas Espero y sea de su agrado IP: mcskypixels.net

111 Sladecraft


Welcome to Sladecraft! Here at Sladecraft we have a variety of fun gamemodes for every style of player. Starting of we have factions, create a faction and dominate the region raid other factions to help your faction rise to the top! We have Survival Games enter a map where you must find loot and bat

112 SlimeNetworkMC


SlimeNetworkMC is all about using the newer updates along with the new combat system to create modern pvp minigames. We focus on using the 1.16+ combat system to give a new unique take on classic gamemodes like bedwars, skywars and survival games. We also plan on creating new unique gamemodes built



Spooky Cube is a Cracked/Premium Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players. Our server's player base is intermittently growing since it's first released, users around all over the world playing our amazing gamemodes and enjoying their time here with our beloved community. Can't wait



Welcome to StealNet, this is a Server with lots of gamemodes! Like: Life Steal SMP, Bedwars, SkyWars, SkyBlock, BoxPvP and soon more! Our server is Populair and we sell ranks and ingame perks like walk particles etc. THIS SERVER IS NOT P2W! Soon: Ingame payouts for Top Players We hope you enjoy your

115 SuperPixel


Superpixel is a new minigame server that has many things to do. We have skywars 1 map currently and 4 kits. We also have skyblock which has a LOT to do if you ever get bored on skywars you can play skyblock! In the main lobby there is even stuff to do! You have a cosmetic menu where there is a t

116 Survicraft Network

Reglas del sv de minecraft: -No se permite el uso de hacks para sacr ventaja en el sv o perjudicar a otros. -No se permite el uso de bugs o errores de MC como del SV para sacar ventaja o perjudicar a otros -No se permiten comentarios de odio de cualquier tipo a gente tanto fuera como dentro del sv d

117 Taj MC


Taj Mc is a Indian Minecraft network that offer various gamemodes such as: > KitPvP > Bedwars > Skywars > Custom Survival > KnockBackFFA Our Server is cracked so you can join from any minecraft client and play for free. Join Us Now at tajmc.fun We are fairly a new

118 TomsaCraft


Keyifli Vakit Geçirebileceğiniz & Yeni Arkadaşlıklar Edinebileceğiniz ; İçerisinde ( SkyBlock , Bed Wars , Bridge Practice , Lav Yükseliyor , Arena PVP ... ) Gibi Oyun Modları Bulunan. Pingsiz Ve Akıcı Bir Oyun Tecrübesi Yaşayabileceğiniz Bir Oyun Platformu. / Places where you can spend a pl



A PvP FFA server with its own little twist. Automatic events (SkyWars, WoolWars, etc.) happen very frequently, mutators change the gameplay of the map, map voting in the style of CSGO, and there's a competitive edge with a level up system so you never get bored. Come join today and meet our vibrant



Trykit is an amazing server with Skywars, Bedwars, Kitpvp, Anarchy, Survival and coming soon: Purgatory, Duels, And bridge! so come on and join for some fun. you can also join our discord https://discord.gg/GTDzQ3bF we our very active and host live events of the server progress, we are currently in