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Welcome to Craftico! Home of Modded content without mods! We boast the most unique custom Survival that will both leave you in tears as well as leave you laughing till your sides split open! Come join us today! Version: 1.16.5 IP: Bedrock: PORT 19132 Store: h

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Greetings! Are you looking for a survival server that can provide you with a completely realistic survival experience? RealisticWorld is where you want to go!

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Prison, redefined. StreetRunner is a RPG server which takes on a unique spin on the popular Prison gameplay. Earn unique and powerful items and rise up to be the strongest!

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Advancius Network

Advancius Network

Server IP: Discord: Trailer: Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network! Our goal is

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Welcome to MythicHaven! We are THE Towny server you want to be on! Friendly staff, great players. We have staples such as McMMO and Jobs, along with custom enchantments. And, if you're looking to just take a break from mining, you can play a friendly game of chess with a friend, or an assortment of

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151 VentureLand RPG

Custom built map Custom RPG items and loot Unique weapon system Leveling and skills Challenging mobs and boss fights Player Housing Economy and market

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152 VexedMC

VexedMC is a custom OP Prison server.We offer a lot of features you have never seen before. Our goal is to offer a good and unique server thats enjoyable for everyone. Some of our custom features are: - Auto-Miners - Many custom enchants - Rename tokens - Fully custom gangs with daily rewards - We

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153 ViperMC

Welcome to Viper. We're your home with the Hardcore Factions and the PotPvP gamemode. We'd like you to join us for a fun experience. IP: Website: Store: (65% off sale) Discord:

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154 VortexPVP

Vortex is part of the next generation of networks. We have the latest and greatest features from your favorite servers and a ton of unique content you've never seen anywhere else! Join today and experience your own space adventure! Features: - Factions Moon - Skyblock Arctic - Prison Plasma IP: mc

752/3000 online
155 Vyther

Vyther is a fun and friendly Survival community! We have tons of fun and unique features that stand out from other servers! Keeping you busy and entertained!

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156 WilderCraft

Join friendly players who enjoy survival Minecraft without pvp, grief or trolls. Server Reset New Season 9 map for 1.16.4 reset on Dec 18, 2020 - Grief protected claims and chat filter keeps it nice and clean - Friendly staff always available to help or ban toxic trolls - 6 survival servers with sh

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157 ZMinecraft

Server offline mode, premium and no premium 1.7.x to 1.16.2 Survival OP Prison OP (Good) Prison Ultra One block 1.16.2 Creative 1.16.2

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158 Zebracraft


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159 iSimple Factions

iSimple Factions 1.8 PVP 1.8 TNT Cannon Physics McMMO, Envoys, KOTH events, Crates, Bosses, and more! 1.16x supported - We hope you Enjoy your stay!

4/999 online
160 wynncraft

Join Wynncraft today. IP =

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161 🔥 Netherite Skyblock Season 1 - 1.16

We hands down offer one of the most unique, customized Minecraft server experiences. All of our gamemodes are handcrafted to be nothing like anything you've ever seen. Currently we offer skyblock, with many more game modes to come including factions, towny, survival, anarchy, and more! Come see wha

11/1000 online

We offer respect, and treat respectfully every member of our community, approaching every problem with maximum proficiency. We are providing a fun and competitive environment for every member. Gamster community has Counter Strike, TeamSpeak, Minecraft and MuOnline servers, each of them providing max

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163 Minecraft: Survival of the Fittest

1.16.5 hardcore server

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164 Phase Network


Phase Network Your favourite Minecraft prisons features all packed into one awesome experience Our Prisons Features: - Custom Coded Bosses - Gangs - AutoMiners - Crate Keys / Monthly Crates - Unique Cells - Epic pickaxe and gear enchants And many, many more custom features! Release date: To Be Co

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165 SourPvP


This Is A New Minecraft Server! It Has Survival, SoupPvP, And More Is Coming On The Way/Future Join Now Since We Are Currently Hiring For Staff. Please Join It Since We Need Players And Please Try To Enjoy It Please Join!!! And Have Fun Playing On The Server!!!!!. Please Join It We Have No Friends

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166 Spaticx Survival

Welcome to Spaticx Survival, a Minecraft server standing out from all the others. with our great Economy, shops, auctions and many other features.

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