Owner toxigon
Status online

Players 35/1500
Version 1.17
Rank 50
Votes 371
Uptime 100%
Last Check 3 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types AnarchySurvivalSMPVanillaFactions

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 semi-vanilla anarchy, no rules, everything goes, illegal items and more.

/tpa – allows the player to teleport to another player.
/shop – opens gui admin shop where you can buy and sell stuff.
/sethome – allows player to set home.
/home – allows player to go
/warp crates – takes you to voting crates where you can find crates, bank, enchantments and information center.
/vote – shows you voting interface so you can earn rewards from voting.
/donate – shows donation link.
/discord – shows discord link.
/ah – opens auction house so you can buy items.
/ah sell – sell item in hand with the price you wrote in the ah.
/pp – Cosmetic feature for vip ranks and up to choose particles.
/hub – takes you back to the hub “its red we know but it works”.
/back – this command is mainly used to get out of warp crates or reverse tp.
/kill – kills the players who writes it.
/nick – changes nick name for donators and up.
/kit – kits for vip ranks and up – kits can be gained for free from voting.
/spawn – this command doesn’t exist just destroy your bed and do /kill or /suicide to respawn, we have no spawn.