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Come and join best.TheArchon.net today for incredibly high quality gamemodes - featuring much-loved modes such as Skyblock, Prison, Factions, Survival, and even brand new custom gamemodes such as Robbery and Outlands! We've been one of the top Minecraft servers for years, with regular updates, a lar


➤ BlockChain is a new server with the aim of creating an economy based, community driven platform, with an experience tailored to each and every player. We hope to create a lore-driven server with fantastic builds and daily activity.

83 Chaos Craft | MC Anarchy

A true anarchy server. No rules. Just Chaos. I made this server only to create a little bit of chaos in the world anyone is free to build and grief as they please, this server has gone through a few different changes over the years but finally i want it to becomes something interesting. Ill be work

84 Coral SMP


Discord invite discord.gg/pnPhDHkYM4 Minecraft Edition Java Edition Supported Version Minecraft Java 1.18 Hello! This server is made by my friend! We have lots of plugins and this server is new! To join, you'll need to join the discord and send the bot the code when you login. You'll be prompt with

85 CrownSMP


Simple SMP, use /claim to prevent greifing. random paragraphs: She had a terrible habit o comparing her life to others. She realized that their life experiences were completely different than her own and that she saw only what they wanted her to see, but that didn't matter. She still compared hersel



DeltaRealms is a 1.17.1 Java Survival server, run by a dedicated staff team, and fueled by an amazing community. We strive to offer the best grief protected survival experience anywhere.



No resets, open-world factions without explosions and no rules. This server is designed to give a very similar experience to a typical 2011 Minecraft factions server! A true blast from the past, don't worry and just do what you'd like! Dyzekt is currently in it's early stages of being setup! GLHF =)






NEW - ETV SMP is a lifesteal public smp where you and your friends can team, build, fight and more! You are able to greif and steal just no hacking we will ban you. Also in the discord you can report players so please do if you have evidence. There are lots of ranks that are obtainable just join the


Welcome to Enchanted Survival! A Vanilla factions survival server who welcomes everyone! For those wanting a laid back Minecraft experience, where you can make friends & roam the lands. The world is your oyster! Build up your empire & become more powerful each time you play.



Exotic SMP is the only SMP with three rules. No hacking, No racism and no excessive amounts of toxicity.



A professional Survival server carefully crafted for survival players. Do not forget to join us for a better gaming experience. Do not forget to read the rules in the game. We are ready to serve you with a lot of game modes, auctions and many more different features. Also, don't forget to join our d

93 Fun survival


This is my first minecraft server and it is modded, like an SMP and survival , with spawn protection. Join now please since all of my friend dont play with me :(((. so it would make me happy if you join my server. :) thanks. and have fun also if you want to build please ask Lunix1747(Me) or SmugG

94 Graeme's Retreat

New survival server, easy ranks... small community of players, friendly server... pvp arena is by spawn if im not online, join the discord and wait for me to respond ill give you a rank and you can be on your way!! NEED BUILDERS!!!DISCORD = https://discord.gg/JwkPXPJj3R join me today and lets build

95 GrindCraft


New kind community server, 1.17.1 and compatible with 1.18. Common staff who are helpful and online as much as possible. Tons of plugins like slimefun, claims and more! Need help reporting someone or reporting a grief. We got you, us staff will work as hard as possible. All map updates and warps are

96 House of Climb


Survival Multiplayer with anti grief and anticheat plugins, as well as homes, parties, LANDS, and MCMMO. We are a small minecraft community looking to grow our playerbase and have fun with minecraft. We have quality of life mods for people that want that, like lumberjack, chestsorter, and more.

97 Hyper-Core Networks - CivCraft


Civilizations iv in Minecraft! CivCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations in Minecraft! you have to research and build up your Civilization. However, the game is played from a first-person perspective, and you can make your own items, in addition to being able to work togeth

98 I love PANCACKS


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99 Ignite anarchy


this is a semi anarchy server owned by zecce its a brand new server and its really fun , if u wanna join look at the discord invite below its a server out of a week now so yeah the staff applications are still open we want active people because our server is a little inactive please join we would re

100 InstallusMC | NEW | 1.17.1 SMP


A brand new SMP survival server with dynmap, auction house, and RTP. Join now and help shape the growth of this server, all suggestions will be listened to and all players will be accepted! This server is still in a BETA state, plug-ins will be added and removed over time as the server starts to tak

101 Just Another SMP

Would you like to join an Minecraft Origins server? Well do I have the server for you. The Mods: Just Another SMP we have Origins of course, but not only the original nine origins for the mods, we have about 40 origins that you can pick from as well.