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Vibe Hood is a Survival Vanilla+ Minecraft Server [1.18.1] PVP is Off, No Griefing, Hard mode, Factions, Economy, Crates, Custom enchants, Jobs, Hardcore mcMMO, Market, Auctions, Treasure Hunt and more! Since we have an authentication plugin, cracked minecraft clients (like tlauncher) are also allow


 IP: oder empire-of-blocks.de Empire of Blocks ist ein deutscher Minecraft (Java Edition) Server, welcher immer auf der aktuellsten Minecraft Version ist/sein wird. Bauen Du kannst bei uns auf den Server dein eigenes Land erstellen, ganz einfach ohne das ein Team-Mitglied dir was sic



✅ 1.16-1.18.1 Towny 🪙 ✅ 60+ Plugins 🧩 ✅ Ingame-Ranks 💸 ➡️ Fly, KeepInventory & more 🐦 ✅ Not PayToWin! 😋 ➡️ OP-Tools & Spawners for Ingame 🪙 ✅ Bedrock + PE Crossplay 🎮 ✅ Minigames 🎲 ➡️ Bedwars ⚔️ ➡️ Survival Games/Hunger Games 🏹 ➡️ Duels 🤺 ➡️ The Bridge 🌉 ➡️ Spleef ⚒️ ➡️ Simon Says 📢



Hey you! Yeah you! Looking for a Minecraft server to play with GOOD performance and active players? Look no further! Requiem Network is a network of servers based on Towny with all of the great aspects of government. Create a nation, wage war, create a religion and become the ultimate brewer at Requ



We at [b]Vikingly MC[/b] put our [b]greatest[/b] effort to improve our server to give you what we hope to be the [b]best[/b] minecraft server experience! As we continue to expand we [b]listen[/b] to our community.

6 SaltyFeRz





A public LifeSteal SMP where if another player kills you, they'll earn your heart and you'll lose the heart from your maximum health. The maximum amount of hearts is 20, and the minimum is 5 to ensure everything is balanced, as the server is already running on Hard difficulty. Our goal is to make th

8 D3R

D3R is a semi-anarchy minecraft server, that means u can do whatever u want except and kind of cheating (hacking(x-ray,radar,etc),using glitches) the server started on 17/9/2021 random text to make the description 300 charchters or they wont let me post sldkashnjkdjsadnisauhdosajndlkasjxplsap



Yousmp 1.17.1 General information : Java : mc.yousmp.org port 25565 Bedrock : mc.yousmp.org port 19132 Discord : https://discord.gg/3ShFJSHKct website : https://www.yousmp.orgServer Survival Economy serverThe Survival economy server has a few plugins to facilitate Economy survival such as : Aucti

10 LBN Vanilla Minecraft Germany

we are a family-friendly community we welcome everyone to come to build and have fun at a safe haven if you like to build and not get your stuff destroyed then we are the place to be as you can claim your land build and grow and make some new friends and possibly be apart of a great multi-gaming com

11 CaveSurvival

CaveSurvival - 1.18 Terrain since July 2021 - Small Minecraft SMP with simple selfclaiming that allows teaming! You can just search for a nice spot in the wild, create your own kingdom and claim it. 98% of the world has been reset to allow a new fresh gaming experience for all! + selfcoded plugins +



Have you thought to yourself.. "Agh, I'm banned from cosmic craft, I wish I had anywhere else to play" So we're here to basically tell you that.. CoronaPyro Is back with a huge updates and improvements! CoronaPyro is a sort copy of "Cosmic Craft", The main reason creating this co

13 Creeper SMP Minecraft Germany server

CreeperSMP u have a lot of things to explore on our smp join now and have fun (family friendly community) 1.8 - 1.18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join now and have fun 24/7 onl

14 SmudgeMC


Auf SmudgeMC gibt es einen SMP mit einem Random Teleport Plugin damit man nicht weit vom Spawn laufen muss um eine Festung aufzubauen. Es gibt allerdings noch Skyblock mit einer etwas anderen Insel als man sie kennt. Cookieclicker und Parkour gibt es auch in der Lobby. Wir haben auch eine Website au



Be ready for you once in a lifetime experience on MC-Exile.com The survival server is player based economy along with unique feature and systems (pwarp, custom and self shops, rankup system and more) but still keeping it simple. Increasing your rank by playtime or in-game money, you unlock a lot of



Wir betreiben seit mehr als 9 Jahren einen kleinen Minecraft-SurvivalServer, der rund um die Uhr läuft und regelmäßig aktualisiert wird.

17 Newfuture


→ McMMO → Mietbare Spielershops → Geld verdienen durch Jobs und Handel → Spielerwarps → Eine kleine Auswahl an Custom Enchantments in unserem rotierendem Admin Shop → Ticketsystem → Votebelohnungen → Random Teleport in allen wichtigen Welten → Citybuild mit den bekannten Befehle wie /p Weitere auf m

18 BBlocksPLus


BBlocksPlus is a Economy pve mcmmo server . for the youtuber BBlocks and is full of great features and more! We have fun active staff and are hiring . We also have other content creators. Come join us and Enjoy our server! We also offer great crates and other custom items for the players to enjoy ,

19 SaltyFeRz Germany



20 Ironforge: Dawn of Althea


Ironforge: Dawn of Althea is a minecraft server dedicated to roleplay, creativity, and worldbuilding. Join us to forge your own story, create your own culture, and lead your own army onto the cities of the heretics. With many cultures, and even some Conlangs, the world of Althea is everchanging, wit

21 Valerion

Valerion ist ein kleiner, neuer Vanilla-Survival-Server mit frei wählbaren Grundstücken. Alles wichtige von Homes, über Farmwelten, MCMMO, Livemap und Ingamewährung bis hin zu Spieler-/Adminshops ist vorhanden. Der Spielfortschritt basiert auf einem Rangsystem mit dem neue Quality-of-Life-Funktionen


1t1t is an cracked anarchy server. Running on 1.12.2 No premium needed. No rules, no admin, no resets, Come and play! 1t1t is an cracked anarchy server. Running on 1.12.2 No premium needed. No rules, no admin, no resets, Come and play! 1t1t is an cracked anarchy server. Running on 1.12.2 No premium



Discord: https://discord.gg/jSSKzwTfDu TO PLAY YOU MUST APPLY FOR A WHITELIST ON DISCORD. We have started a week ago, there is already a nice town formed from constant players, currently averaging around 5-15 players, the max limit is 20, we are currently in a hard whitelist cap which means your a