Owner FutureFries
Status offline

Players 0/100
Version 1.17
Rank 2624
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 28 minute(s) ago
Country India
Types SurvivalPvPParkourMini Games

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Futurelands is a minecraft smp server with many features and players. Anyone can join Futurelands with any device like xbox, ps4, computer, mobile etc. Our server runs 24/7 with no lags and bugs. Server is well protected from hackers, griefers and robbers. We have strict rules and active admins for helping players. Alots of java features are available on our server like players can build above nether, put items in offhand without downloading any addons.


- No hacks will work on our server
- Players can build on nether roof
- Players can put items on offhand
- Players can sit on any Blocks using /sit
- Beautiful natural spawn with houses for rent
- Friendly Active players
- Players can mine spawners with pickaxe which have silk touch
- Helpful commands like /sethome, /rtp, /home, /spawn
- Clans & Clan wars
- Server available on nintendo switch, xbox, ps4, computer, laptop, mobile etc.
- Claim system to protect your base from robbers and griefers
- Events


You can join our minecraft server by joining our discord server. All information about our server is given on discord server, We have good moderators and active members to help you with anything on our discord server. [ 1000 + members ]


If you dont have discord and wanna join send a message to owner on xbox app. Owner's Username : FutureFries2