Gifted Minecraft
Owner Haui111
Status online

Players 0/20
Version 1.20
Rank 2533
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 30 minute(s) ago
Country Germany
Types EconomyMini GamesSurvivalSMPPvEPvP

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Hi there! Welcome to GiftedMC!

Immerse yourself into a completely different Minecraft experience on our Server. We have formerly been whitelisted to secure everyone's builds against griefers and BOY do we have some impressive builds on our server!

The Whitelist has since been removed for a worldlock that only allows certain people to build in specific areas. For us and our members, not being stolen from or griefed is the most important part.

Our community consists mostly of neurodivergent people (Gifted, Autistic, ADHD, etc.) and friends. You don't need to be diagnosed with anything or even suspect to be neurodivergent but you need to be friendly towards the people affected and the topic. We are insanely intolerant to intolerance.

How you start:
For that reason, you will spawn in our gear room. You should gear up as getting out there is going to be bumpy. Use our custom user interface (with /gui) to teleport to a free spot. Just left-click on the red bed and get teleported, then rightclick on it to start building. Very easy!

You have a 256 block square plot from bedrock to buildlimit. Additional plots can be obtained through playtime or supporter ranks. Supporters also get hats, particle effects, their own chat rooms and so on.