Owner Nostalgia-MC
Status offline

Players 0/0
Version 1.18
Rank 14143
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 49 minute(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types Anarchy

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Stop Scrub. Look at our server, now look at you, now look back at us - I heard you were looking for a Server Network and Community in which the devs and mods listen to feedback in order to actively keep the servers exciting and free of problems. *** - DISCORD LINK Please input "?rank Minecraft" To be placed into the correct game category, although check out the other games we will be branching into! ** * We are brand new and therefore will be pushing a voting system in game which gives you access to vaulted items that will be limited edition. These items will be usable across all future servers within Nostalgia as well. Kings recognise Kings. Our first server is Anarchy - No queue time! THIS SERVER ONLY has ways to bypass anti-cheat. The server is not pay to win although cosmetics are available through donations, and let's be real about it - we all just trying to look sick af. PETS | HATS | SUITS | CLOAKS (wings) | PARTICLE EFFECT There will be no resets, it is what it is. Mods have no influence on game play and start just the way you do Angry at a mod? Kill them, then grief them. We have no sympathy for grief protection, weak stuff. Build alliances, raid scrubs, steal their loot - just don't cry when it happens to you. SEE YOU ONLINE SOON FRIENDS! or else. Server Address -