Valentino SMP (LGBTQ+, Vanilla)
Owner coquette
Status offline

Players 3/20
Version 1.17
Rank 2256
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 21 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types VanillaSurvivalSMP

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Valentino SMP (LGBTQ+, Vanilla)

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Valentino (ValSMP) is a private, whitelist only, Java/Bedrock cross-play, old-style and semi-vanilla server where there's a constant flow of activity and players. We value friendship and good times above all else. ValSMP has a dedicated developer with 4+ years of experience to fix glitches and to keep under control the laggy nature of Minecraft. We love new members, but only quality ones.

This is not a pay-to-win server, nor a big HUB based network. ValSMP offers a true-to-game survival experience, adding a lot of quality of life improvements on top of it. However, there are no minigames, no factions, and we will never introduce anything that goes outside the original Minecraft's feel.